Noise Artists is a blog dedicated to musicians & bands around the world that love crafting beautiful sounds.

We love Shoegaze, Post Rock & similar mesmerising music, from Drone to Blackgaze.

We invite you to follow our journey to discover handpicked Noise Artists we love around the world:

  • Every month a collaboration with the Noise Artists of the month to introduce their music and who they are (3 posts: music, band, interview)
  • As much as we can a collaboration with Upcoming Noise Artist(s) beginning their musical journey (1 or 2 posts: music & band, interview)
  • Doc's corner is where investigative journalism meets crazy theories about music
  • In Behind the Scene, discover fans, sound engineers, bloggers...
  • Friend's Corner, telles stories of Noise Artists we met over the years
  • Spotlights on a band, News on our featured Noise Artists, Famous 5 playlist (our 5 songs of the month), ...

Music, is very important to us as are:

  • Language & culture. When possible interviews & articles will be both in English and the Artists' beautiful languages;
  • The collaboration with the artists. Once in Noise Artists, and because we work only with bands which music we really love, we will continue to share their music and promote them over time.

So bands, we do not do reviews as such, we go further (we want to understand who you are), deeper (we want to promote all your music and work, not just one LP/EP), and for longer (once a Noise Artists, always a Noise Artists ... if you keep doing great music).

Because we have very limited resources (i.e. time), we can not promote all of you great artists, hence the choice to chose the bands.   

The team:

  • Editor & contributor: David Lignon
  • Voluntary contributors: Sara Massiah (Japan expert)
  • We are looking for contributors. Like minded people very welcomed, wether on a regular or once a year basis. Please contact Noise Artists through the contact page


A big thank you to:

  • Amber Editor of "When the sun hits", Matthew Editor of "Muso Japan", Jimmy Editor of "sounds better with reverb", Russell editor of "I was a teenage shoegazer", Jairo editor of "sonidos que permanecen" for their sound advice and support
  • The photographers of Unsplash & Pixabay for their beautiful work
  • The families for letting us having time to pursue our passion
  • Greg for his copyrighting skills
  • Our translators: Sara Massiah (Japanese, Italian), James Guppy (Japanese).




Thank you to the Noise Artists for their beautiful music and for trusting us:

Desktop Error (TH), Alpha du Centaure (FR), Shojoskip (JP), PlantCell (JP), Inspirative (TH), Stellamaris (BR), Camille Claudel (BR), Echelon Effect (UK), Sexores (CH), Intenna (Indonesia), Ether Feels (JP), Everything is falling apart (ME)

And thanks to all the people "behind the scene":

Koichi Shimizu (sound master), Russell Hiscox (blogger), Jimmy Bannerman (blogger), Jairo Manzur (blogger), Matthew Bedford (blogger)