Seashine, a new hope

Seashine, a new hope

Sometimes you get surprised. One day I was online and saw a post on the wonderful FaceBook group, Beyond Shoegaze. Mr Ben Marks had pinned a post by a band called Seashine. One demo. Four songs.

As I distractedly pressed play this drum fill came out, pounding out of the speakers. Big guitars came crashing in and suddenly the sweetest voice floated in. Clear. Familiar yet unique.

Then the chorus came in. A fantastic instrumental break. A crescendo.

I was floored. Probably the best shoegaze song I heart since 1993. But not a copy, not another band trying to be Slowdive, it was different.

I liked the song so much I contacted the band asking if I could do a remix. I ended up doing 2 of the same song, one as Xeresa, one as Beatastic.

I also asked Demi Haynes to sing on some songs. Out came Raining On The Skyline

There is clearly something special about Demi. An ability to reach for the heart. A truth. We asked  Demi to tell us more about her music.

Noise Artists (NA): What is your music about?

Our music is about heartbreak, ecstasy, depression, and beauty, among other things. It’s meant to bridge gaps between ourselves, but also to bridge gaps between ourselves and our listeners. If we can make a connection to someone while simultaneously fulfilling our need to create, then all is good.

NA: What is Seashine doing at the moment?

We are currently working on our first full-length release. We recently recorded the drums at a secluded cabin which was the perfect space for us to connect to one another and create without distraction. There really is nothing like nature to inspire you.

NA: What are your goals as a band, artistically/commercially?

We are riding this like a wave, letting it take us where it will and focusing on doing what we love to do together. It’s great fun and extremely rewarding to put all of our energy into creating instead of worrying about what opportunities may come to us in the future.

NA: Who would you want as a dream producer and why?

Who wouldn’t want Brian Eno as a producer? Is he not the ultimate ambient-dreamer?

NA: What will Seashine sound like on album 3?

Life will ebb and flow and carry with it new and old influences, emotions, circumstances. It’s fun to imagine what Seashine will evolve into, but in truth there is no knowing.

NA: What are you trying to avoid as a band?

It’s most important to us to be a non-political, androgynous force that is focused on what is most essential to our sound: emotion.

NA: Explain your song-writing process. Who starts? How does it evolve? Is it organic? Is it discussed?

I (Demi) write the songs and bring them to the group to be refined and brought to life. It is a very organic, impulsive process that results in a finished or near-finished product.

The band

  • Demi Haynes (vocals, guitar)
  • Paul Rieger
  • Kate Hayes
  • Bill Hudgins

Find Seashine here:


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