Ever too old for Music?

Ever too old for Music?

A few years ago I stumbled upon an article that put some sense into my life.

I grew up in one country but my Dad was from another, so I was always the foreign kid. When I grew up I moved to my Dad's country. Here I am the foreign guy. So I guess I'll never fit in.


You sometimes stop and look at your place in the world, what you do, what you like. I'm sure that 50 years ago middle-aged people didn't go to gigs, didn't wear the same band t-shirts they used to wear when they were 15, the same trainers. They didn't care about their haircuts and facial hair. They just went to work.

I don't remember my Dad having a hobby. Grown-ups don't have hobbies, they have families and responsibilities.

But now we can have anything we want. Want an example? Take the wonderful Alexander Leonard Donat: father, husband, teacher, record label owner, graphic artist, musician, singer, multi-instrumentalist, writer, I bet he's also a mean cook and he can probably juggle like a pro.

So are we going to be a generation of 75-year-olds making music in our retirement homes and wearing My Bloody Valentine t-shirts with jeans pulled up under our armpits? We asked the question to the community and got some enlightening answers.


"Maybe not go to as many live shows, but still get excited about music for sure, maybe not the same music that the 20-year-olds are getting excited about though. I already don't go to many concerts (because I live in a small town and it takes a long time to travel to Toronto) so I probably will be living the same way in 30 years"

Shauna Lea McLarnon -  UMMAGMA

" I don't feel any different now than I did when I was 18. It's just a failing body that reminds me every now and then that I am 57. I dress to please myself not others and am sure what I wear will come back into fashion one day.
As to music I have always been ahead of my peers with what I like, my friends eventually catch up. It being different and doing things to please me that keeps me young at heart. "

Phil Crowder- SHEPPEY FM

"I just think that we are about the social aspect of our various scenes and that won't fade with age. The only thing that might hold us back is our bodies and their inability to get places eventually. Otherwise, we will put on the earplugs and enjoy"

Jason Lamoreaux - SOMEWHERE COLD

" I can't imagine a life where I wouldn't still be a creator. I'm proud to be in my 30s and gigging regularly. I hope I get to do this throughout my remaining decades, too! The magic of finding or writing a new song is exhilarating - definitely a healthy "drug" to chase. Also, it's fun as hell to rip the guitar and bring the noise on stage! "

Maudie Michelle- STONERPOP

"I will definitely be going to gigs and getting excited about bands as long as there is something to get excited about! This is definitely a lifelong passion. I don't really think we're overgrown teenagers, though. I feel that we've stayed young at heart. Being passionate about music is one of the ways to feel young for the rest of your life, because it's timeless and never stops being exciting. So I see our extended childhood as a blessing and I think it's awesome there are things in this world that move us that much "

Amber Crain- DKFM

"I would say our generation (Generation X) grew up in a transition era.
We value our tangibles (CDs, Tapes, Vinyls, Games, etc) and we have embraced the intangibles (MP3s, digital downloads, social media, virtual gaming, etc) while the younger generation is more reliant on the intangibles. GenXers are also part of the workforce having to balance work, family, commitments, responsibilities, and carving out time to have some fun in between.
Many find enjoyment in the things that bridge who they are as a person and what they do as a professional. Times have changed and it is not looked down upon if you are middle age and you are still collecting albums, playing in a band, spending your weekend playing video games as it was with previous generations who viewed anything fun as childlike.
Will be doing the same at age 75? Absolutely, we have learned that one of the most important aspects of life is living on your terms and enjoying every moment as it may be our last"


" On est la génération qui a enfin pêté les codes vestimentaires et leurs obligations. Sinon La génération de nos parents courrait elle même après des concerts, des releases, des sorties mais d'autres types d'artistes. Là dessus rien à changé.
La seule différence étant que l'on partage plus facilement avec nos enfants. D'autant plus que depuis 1960 la culture dite populaire n'innove plus mais recycle. Plus facile de partager AC-DC avec nos enfants que nos parents pouvaient partager la Callas ou Maurice Chevalier (pour être extrême:) . . "


Our generation is so cool that we don't translate things anymore, we're all multi-lingual ;)

" I certainly hope so! I know that I still get just as excited to see live bands as I did when I was a teenager! I find myself going to more intimate/indie/underground shows now that shows on a larger scale (shows with 1,000+ in the crowd)- and I still love going! "


" I've always felt that it would be way cool if our generation was still that way when we all hit retirement age. I wanna hear punk music in the old age home!
I don't foresee our generation (or at least those in my circle) abating in their desire for our fave bands, going to see bands, and overall music excitement.
Those who have changed path, I see less and less of as the years go by . "Age is a state of mind" is one of my mottos"


" Basically we've never killed our inner Peter Pan! So I see myself still smashing a guitar somewhere or getting excited about a new pedal/amp/vinyl etc. 'till I die! We all belong to music, for life! "


"I think the stigma around being an overgrown child has diminished in recent history, one huge factor being the lack of expectation of having children.
As people age their interests always change and their energy wanes, it's hard for art to be so general as to suit the entirety of one's lifespan. My hope is that as artists grow and their audience grows with them they can all change together.
I don't think this is really much different than it's ever been really, aside from the expectation that music music cater to youth exclusively. They have no money, and without consumer pull, they don't carry the same influence as before"

Preston Maddox -BLOODY KNIVES

"I think we’re the first generation to pull away from the 1950s stereotypes of what it means to be a grown-up.
My mother’s generation flirted with breaking away from societal norms and they made much progress but I feel that as they’ve aged and sobered they’ve resigned themselves to the paths their parents have set. Work, get married, have a family, dress conservatively, be sheep. The last time my mom really partied involved a disco. She never lost her zest for music but she’s left anything cool behind and resembles my grandmother in her opinions & manner of dress.
My friends are all doing/ loving the same things we always have even though we are older, some of us married, have kids and careers.
We still are artists, musicians, dreamers, nonconformists and social justice warriors. We picked up the torch & keep our own inner fires burning. Age doesn’t seem to matter. Societies outdated ideals don’t matter. We’re all just doing what feels comfortable and true to ourselves while enjoying our lives just like we should.
Aging used to scare me but I’m still the same, just smarter & stronger in my convictions.
I love a lot of the same fashion that I did as a young adult and image I’ll always covet black clothing It all still looks good & I feel like myself in it. Also, if I didn’t have music in my life from the beginning until now, I don’t think that I would have fared well. It’s my life force, it bolsters me and connects me to others. I’ve forged so many friendships over our love of a particular genre or artist. I don’t understand people that don’t live for it!
Anyway, I’m already grossly immature at this age compared to how my mom was at the same. I’m always still figuring everything out and feel like I’m not ever going to grow-up internally. My brain believes I’m still 19. At 75 it will probably think the same"

Nicollette Vaughn- NICOLLETTE VAUGHN

"I believe that people have to do in their lives( that they live only once ) what pleases them! the responsibility and the maturity that comes when we are middle age should not remove our childhood!! We just have to stay ourselves because that's how we express our personality. "

Magda Mava - COLDWAVE

"How many times have I heard that ridiculous sentence directed at me: “Enjoy making music while you can, soon there won’t be time no more, then it’s all about family life!” – As if you don’t have a choice!
It seriously makes me angry when people act as if a higher power forces them to stop existing and doing the things you love. There’s time for everything if you really want to do it, and I mean it, it’s no lame phrase.
Therefore, yes, I think I will still be making music at the age of 75, it is my elixir of life. Most of the people I know who were making music as teenagers or young adults have stopped being creative now, it’s a shame.
Every time I see another friend turn away from being a musician I have the feeling that it makes me want to make music even more. Additionally, having kids had the exact opposite effect on my life as an artist as people around me had suggested - I’ve never written more songs and released more records.
Also, I think if you pass the 25 year mark and are still going crazy about new music releases I think it won’t ever go away. Too many people stop discovering new things in life, new music and artists included once they are young adults and enter the “adult world”. It seems they are told to behave like super serious adults. Instead, being a teenager or a child even means that you enjoy most things in life with way more enthusiasm.
Why would you throw that away? Is it just because you try to keep your cool in front of everyone? Admittedly, there’s no way of forcing people to preserve their natural curiosity, but try to find a moment, at least once a week, where your brain deals with new stuff. Keep your head busy. And don’t let anyone tell you to get a proper adult haircut! "


"I personally am certain I will be doing the same at 75- which is only 25 years away!
It's not the majority of people in my generation who were into alternative/goth culture that is still doing it now, though. Hardly! The patrons at my club events, which I've been running for nearly 30 years, are primarily in the 18 - 32-year-old bracket.
The handful of people above 45 that come out and dress the same are almost all somehow involved in the subculture professionally (musicians, DJs, club owners/promoters, other artists.)

It is definitely a phase for most people- which is fine and natural for them- and just like there are some people who were hippies in the 60's that are now in their mid-70's and still wear tie-dye and go to concerts- there will be a handful of goths doing the same in time. "


... our feeling exactly!

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