Noise Artists 2017 "favourites of"

Noise Artists 2017 "favourites of"

2017 was a very rich year for music. DKFM, ShoegazerAlive9 and SomewhereCold, among others, did a great work in electing the best music for the year in various categories.

We chose to have a slightly different approach and will present you, under the "Magnificent 7" format, some of our favourite 2017 Albums, LP and songs. We do not always know what is the best or have listened to everything, though we know what we love.

There is no comment to let the music and artists speak (sing) for themselves. Press play as much as you like. You will not be disappointed.


Editor's Pick


And also, Beatastic, Xeresa, Clustersun, Life on Venus, Airiel, Blankenberge, My Favourite Things, Whimsical, Wozniak, Soon she said, The Corrupting Sea, The sorry Shop, Human Colony.

Note that we collaborated with plant cell and Palm Hawe to present their music. Loomer and Camille Claudel, all going well will on the blog soon.


And Also The Corrupting Sea, Blue Bombay, the Pink Elephants.

Inspirative and Stellamaris collaborated with us on a series of article to present their music. All going well, Intenna and Sadfields will be on the blog soon, and maybe Astrobal.


Also Leonard Donat, Tsar Anise, Gerda, Saisa, Cesium Swimsuit, Nax.

And a small extra with the following 2 songs that are very dear to me, the first one for inspiration & collaboration, the second one for community & cohesion.


Nico Beatastic's pick


1- LCD Soundsystem

2- Ride

3- William Patrick Corgan


Sara "Burning Umbrella Festival"'s pick

1- Slowdive new album 

2- Metempsychosis compilation album

EP: Radical Face - Sunnmoonneclippse

Song: The Bilinda butchers - Lotus Eaters


All the Noise Artists team wishes you a great 2018!

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