русский (Russian) Shoegaze and Dream Pop guide, Vol. 2

русский (Russian) Shoegaze and Dream Pop guide, Vol. 2

This the volume 2 of our Russian Shoegaze and Dream Pop guide with more exciting bands from the largest country in the world. You can find the volume 1 THERE. But first, let's hear from a local artist regarding the Russian Shoegaze scene:

Russian shoegaze scene is an interesting phenomenon, as it grabs the general 80’s - 90’s vibe and adds a new sentiment to it, pursuing a deeper sound.

To start off, there’s Blankenberge, with whom we’ve shared stage several times. Their album “Radiogaze” is a perfect mixture of a thick, gloomy guitar sound and hypnotizing vocals. Then there’s Motorama that lies somewhere between post-punk and dream-pop; their wistful tunes create this feeling of nostalgia weaving its way through all of their songs.

Honeyhead, a band from Voronezh, has these melancholic guitar passages mixed with contemplative, dreamy melodies. Another two bands, Shimmerance and Neonic Sundrive are also worth to take a listen.

Of course, we should mention Pinkshinyultrablast, who have moved away from the classic Shoegazy noise that defined their first two records; their recent album “Miserable Miracles” leans towards a more electronic-based sound.
— Aline Heiremans & Dmitry Kostryukov, musicians in "Life on Venus"

Our volume one includes the following bands:

  • Pinkshinyultrablast

  • Life on Venus

  • Blankenberge

  • Sounds of Sputnik

  • Your friends Polymer

  • Shimmerance

  • Honeyhead

  • Aerofall

We extended slightly the criteria to include a bit more on the Indie side and another on the Post Rock. We hope you will enjoy discovering or revisiting these artists! 

And of course, be so kind as to support these artists by buying their music, following them and sharing this.  




Hiki (from 光, 光る - 'light, shining') is an atmospheric shoegaze/dream pop project from Podolsk, Russia.

It mixes Mellow ambiance, dreamy guitars, nostalgic shoegazing.

Composition and instruments are done by B.M. (only initials are given on social media) as well as the vocals on Blurry Lights, Skyforest, A Light in the Dark and Traceline.

This really nice music, very optimistic as well which I, for one, really enjoy. I am also surprised that there is not a much more substantial follow-up to this artist given both the quality and the 6 albums to date

Musical work to date is:

Hiki closer.jpg
  • Closer, LP, February 2017. This album is a bit 'heavier' than the previous albums - there are almost no acoustic songs and a couple of Blackgaze elements are present. The artwork of the album is an original drawing made specifically for this album by mB0sco. Guests vocalists are Arina Fox (tracks 2, 5, 6 and lyrics for the last song).

  • Stargaze, LP, March 2016. This album has even more vocals compared to the previous album 'Saturday Calm'. Angela P. Coldnight is a guest vocalist in Non Non Biyori cover

  • Saturday calm, LP June 2015. This is the first album which features vocals.

  • Brighter days, LP, March 2015. This album is supposed to take the listener back to bright childhood. 'Reflection' is featured as an OST for Everlasting Summer visual novel (DLC - 'One Pioneer's Story').

  • I will remember these days, LP, July 2014. 'Just Another Summer Day' is featured as an OST for Everlasting Summer visual novel (DLC - 'One Pioneer's Story').

  • Hiki, LP, May 26, 2014. First and self-titled release of Hiki, which was planned as post-rock. Instrumental, mostly acoustic. Fits well for summer days and nights! This release is probably the saddest of all.

The artwork is also noteworthy for all lover of graphics novels.



Motorama is a post-punk band formed in 2005. They have Dream-Pop & Shoegaze hints scattered in their musical work.

The group has received popularity not only in Russia but also abroad. Their touring schedule is quite impressive as is their following.

The band performs songs in English. Vocals of Vladislav Parshin have often been compared with the voice of Ian Curtis, frontman of British band Joy Division.  

The group's first LP, Alps featured intonations of New Wave and Indie pop, and the music, in general, is more bright and melancholic than depressive.

The line-up is:

  • Vladislav Parshin (guitar, voice),

  • Airin Marchenko (bass, keyboard, voice),

  • Maksim Polivanoc (guitar, keyboard),

  • Alexander Norets (keyboard, voice),

  • Roman Belenky (drums)

The musical work to date is:

  • Horse, EP, November 2008

  • Calendar, LP, December 2012

  • She is there, EP, April 2013

  • Alps, LP, June 2013

  • Eyes, EP, October 2013

  • Poverty, LP, February 2015

  • Dialogues, LP, October 2016

  • Bear, EP, November 2016

Their music is released on the French record label Talitres.




The group Selbram is based in Moscow. The current composition was formed in 2011. It consists of three members: The styles the group plays range from Indie rock experimental/indie rock to psychedelic rock.

Selbram tries to hold to live sound. The band was recording its first and second albums at a studio in Moscow on an authentic tape-recorder of the 70's."

The third and last album "Citified" contains pulse and noise of the city life, in which love proves its existence. Conflict and harmony of the regularity and spontaneity, individual experiences merge into a collective experiment. It's all filled with the habitation of a person in a modern city is expressed through voice and three instruments."

The current lineup is:

  • Igor (guitar, vocals),

  • Nayil' (bass),

  • Sasha (drums).

The musical work to date is:

  • Citified, LP, released December 8, 2017. "The album contains pulse and noise of the city life, in which love proves its existence. Conflict and harmony of the regularity and spontaneity, individual experiences merge into a collective experiment. All that is filled with the habitation of a person in a modern city is expressed through voice and three instruments." Citified was mixed by NY based producer and mixing engineer John Siket. He's known, for instance, for producing, recording and mixing one of the best Sonic Youth's albums 'Washing Machine', mixing 'Dirty' by Sonic Youth in collaboration with Butch Vig; the track "First Tube" by Phish he worked on was Grammy-nominated

  • Exasperated, LP, released March 22, 2014

  • Calmness and Ignorance, LP, released September 12, 2012



Navyblue is a Dream Pop duo from Moscow. They started in 2017 and have done really nice Dream Pop since. It stays very light, bordering the optimistic. There is little on social media on them at this stage.

Navyblue 1.jpg

The current lineup is:

  • Pasha Chirkov - voice, guitar, piano, bass

  • Leo Kabalin - drums

Note also the beautiful cover art from anastasia lakeeva and maria matrosova

Their musical work to date is:

  • Sofar, LP, released October 4, 2017

  • Coffee & Noise, EP, released August 14, 2017


According to their online presence, a new album should be released in 2019


S3P (Secret of the 3rd Planet)


Secrets of the third planet (S3P) are a Shoegaze and Electronica band from Moscow. They have started in the mid-2000s, with their first release in 2007.

They combine cleverly several genres: Shoegaze, Ambient, Post-Rock, Electronica, and a little bit of dance music together into odd sounding sonic scapes that range from being danceable and fun to more open and trippy. The song featured below is a great example.

And to be honest they did very well at it, with many great songs to pick that blend those genres very efficiently. I also like the fact that they sing in Russian.

Their lineup is:

  • Eugene Frankevich (guitars, keyboards, programming, voice)

  • Dasha Weo (Voices)

  • Evgeny Pechenkin(Drums)

  • Renat da Capo (Bass, keys)

The musical work to date is:

  • Birds Station, Album, April 2018

  • Растаял, EP, December 2014

  • Hidden Space, EP, December 2013

  • Lost in Reverie, LP, November 2011

  • DAY NiGHT, LP, April 2010

  • Secrets of the third planet, EP, October 2007


Noir for Rachel

Noir for Rachel is a project carried by one person. It encompasses genres like shoegaze, darkgaze and post-punk revival.

Noir For Rachel.jpg

The author writes (translated from Russian):

"I do not have a label, I do not need it. I do not give concerts and I do not plan in the near future.  I write everything myself, there was another time co-author for a while, he wrote lyrics for the album The E and gave recommendations on the sound. I often write tracks in one breath and then spread them out. I do not make big breaks between releases. I stopped releasing releases with vocals, but if you send me interesting texts in English in PM, you can try. live in Russia, in a small town in the Tyumen region. "

For a one-man show, the production is quite impressive both quantitywise (11LP and 6EP in 6 years) and quality wise.

The musical work to date is:

  • Fromm, EP, released August 2017

  • SingleII, LP released February 2017

  • Witches, LP, released October 2016

  • Natalyn, LP, released June 1, 2016

  • Comfortable, LP, released March 29, 2016

  • Bug hunter, LP, released November 22, 2015

  • Cold Emission, LP, released October 4, 2015

  • Unreleased, LP, released August 13, 2015

  • Went missing, LP, released April 6, 2015

  • No answer, EP, released March 18, 2015

  • Potential Side Effects, EP, released January 15, 2015

  • Singles, LP, released November 4, 2014

  • Fog Museum, LP, released April 1, 2014

  • Happy Noise Year, EP, released December 31, 2013

  • The E, LP, released August 19, 2013

  • Dumb December, EP, released December 26, 2012

  • Something New In the Past, EP, released April 23, 2011


Dreaming wizard

Dreaming wizard is a Dreamgaze/shoegaze/indie/ethereal/instrumental project fromSaint Petersburg, Russia.

I do music alone, without the vocals, because it is not needed. I like to create pictures of melodies, where everyone will find what he sees, depending on the perception.

I am inspired by people, events and this world. I want to leave something that will help others to find answers to their questions or simply indulge in their dreams.

I may do concerts in the future, but would need session musicians. I also want to release CDs with the first album and singles.
— Dmitry - Dreaming wizard

The wizard paints dreamy landscapes that fits the project's name admirably. No vocals, just the reverb.

dreaming wizard.jpg

Musical work to date is:

  • Shadow of sleep, single, March 2018

  • Feel my dreams, single, January 2018

  • Inside the Stars, EP, November 2017


Honey frequency


Magnitogorsk, Russia. The music formation Honeyfrequency was founded by the former participant of the Faded Flowers project in January 2014. They are a mix of indie and dark wave.

The lineup is:

  • Yana,

  • Vanya,

  • Sasha,

  • Seryozha.

The musical work to date is:

  • Culture and recreation, LP, February 2015

  • Waiting for Lithuanian guy, LP, January 2014


We hope you had a nice time discovering or revisiting theses bands.

Please contact us  if you have any recommandations. The more we have, the more likely a volume 3.

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