Worldwide Streaming Premiere: Primitive Heart 'No Fear in love' Remix EP

Worldwide Streaming Premiere: Primitive Heart 'No Fear in love' Remix EP

Primitive Heart is a synth-pop project by remarkable multi-genre producer & visual artist Dani Mari.

The debut album “No Fear In Love” was co-produced by Rosana Cabán (Psychic Twin) and can be compared to the sounds of Sylvan Esso, Mazzy Star and Beach House. Audiences across the world have gravitated towards Dani Mari’s beautifully haunting voice and simplistic elegant lyrics. Dani Mari’s ethereal vocals "seemingly casting a spell" and transport listeners to an era of nostalgia which exists within the depths of her soul.

Before the release of her album in Autumn 2019, Primitive Heart is releasing an EP the single remixes. 4 artists gave their take on ‘No Fear in Love’.

Dani did us a huge kindness in giving the EP’s worldwide Premiere on Noise Artists until tomorrow. Thanks a lot.

You will find her music on Shoredive Records and GrindEthos and on Dani

No Fear In Love (The Churchill Garden Remix)

THE CHURCHHILL GARDEN is a one man band based in Lucerne right in the heart of Switzerland. Growing up in time with the best alternative music (late 80 early 90). I have always liked the melancholic sounds of bands like the Cure, Cocteau Twins, Joy Division and I went on to become a big fan of the shoegaze movement.

Churchhill Gardens featured in several monthly Noise Artists playlist and is one of our favourite artists.

No Fear In Love (Human Pattern Remix)

(Is the man running the machine or machine controlling the man?)

Between sound fractals and rhythmic fractures, Human Pattern is a musical approach to perpetual movement. Repeating patterns ...

Over and over…

Rhythm is insistent. The body resonates with the bass. The atmosphere is charged with primary sweat.

The goal is simple: to make you lose the notion of time!

Over and over...

Human Pattern, intertwines the search for sound textures with the exploration of an instrument that we thought we knew everything about: the saxophone.

Break the routine! Trance is a retaliation !

Over and over...

No Fear In Love ([ MONOTONOISE ] Remix)  

[ MONOTONOISE ] is a duo composed of Giancarlo "Delavie" Cagliero and Enrico "Urz" Vaudet. Both have many years of work experience. Delavie is the co-founder of the band "Doctor Jazz's Universal Remedy" together with Marco Cimino that since 2003 has produced three albums of Nu-Jazz and many works for soundtracks, publicity etc. The albums were distributed worldwide and various tracks have been published on more than 200 compilations of this gender.

Together with Urz and other musicians, Delavie founded the group "Fenchurch Best Friends”. Urz is a producer and remixer with dozens of productions to his credit and has been published by various labels among which the famous Italian "Irma Records".

No Fear In Love (Revolution, I Love You Remix)

Revolution, I Love You makes electronic rock, merging fuzzy guitars and dramatic choruses with a backbone of live drums, electronic beats, and buzzing bass. Katrina Murray of The Key (WXPN) says, “Crunchy synth work and loud guitar riffs are central to Revolution, I Love You‘s modern twist on classic rock ‘n roll.” The band was a finalist in the International Song writing Competition with the song "The Atlantic Ocean," performed at NXNE, and has a song in the British Library Sound Archive.

After reading the take on the remixers of their work, you can listen to the EP in Worldwide Premiere HERE

HOIRONG, talented post-indie noise bringers from India

HOIRONG, talented post-indie noise bringers from India

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