Grey Goes Black: Some light in the Darkness

Grey Goes Black: Some light in the Darkness

Grey Goes Black is an alternative rock band from New Jersey consisting of:

  • Matt Casoni (vocals, guitar) Matt has played for the New Jersey based bands Holy Sue and Harry Globins army and uses a Gibson Sg standard, a Fender deluxe 85 112 red knob, Line 6 verbzilla and xt live

  • James Malizia jr. (bass. Keyboards ) James played for New Jersey based band Send 72 and uses Fender basses and ampeg amplifiers

  • Steven Moraghan ( drums, electronics ) Steve has played for New Jersey based bands Codger, Two Tales, Virginia , and Maegashira, and uses Premier drums, Roland ,Boss, and Yamaha Electronics

Our friends from SomewhereCold describe very accurately their music as "smokey rock lullabies and soaring deeply dark post punk". Lend an ear and you would probably agree wholeheartedly.

Their music work to date is:

  • Grey Goes Black, EP, June 2014

  • War of currents, EP, April 2015

  • And inside there was only water, LP, March 2017

  • Break apart again / don’t stop, October 2018

  • Record over wire, EP, May 2019

Some songs to discover the band:

What is your music about?

Mostly autobiographical. It's our life,  heartache,  hope, redemption, all the fun stuff and hopefully some deep subs.

What are your goals as an artist artistically/commercially?

We really make music for ourselves.  We enjoy finding that sound that speaks to us, we look to find our own release.  Hopefully we can get to share that with as many people possible. Maybe it will help to heal, maybe they can relate. Sharing personal stories and experiences is important. Listening to music during rough times,  happy times, impossible times creates a comfort and sometimes a special connection to each other through the music.  With that said we would love to continue making E.P.s or singles.

Who would you want as a dream producer, and why?

Eno.  His soundscapes.

What are you trying to avoid as a band?

Being cliché,  churning out disingenuous stuff to blend in or chase some current trend. 

Explain your songwriting process.

We have no formula.  It's happened so many different ways. Steve has brought a lot of material/sketches he works on with a tablet.  We play with variations,  work though possibilities live in practice,  run them through the wringer and find magic.

Why do you make the music you make? Is it in you? Is it your environment?

I don't think we have an option.  There's a personal need to find the next note in the sequence.  Listening to music that moves me drives me to find our inner voice. It's also been completely selfishly therapeutic. I’ve read the original blues (we are far from blues) wasn't whining or wallowing in pain but rather the release of the hell inside. 

Describe your palette of sound.

Anything goes.  No rules.  Whatever we hear that feels like "ahh that's it" it's very organic. We find our space and peace.

Grey Goes Black.jpg

Is there a band that if they didn’t exist you wouldn’t be making the music you make?

Definitely the Beatles, Ramones, Lou Reed.

You’re from New Jersey what are the advantages and disadvantages? 

I don't think we have any special advantage or disadvantage.  The internets have leveled the playing field

Where to find Grey Goes Black:

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Xeresa- III: Worldwide Exclusive streaming premiere

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Worldwide Premiere: Richard James Simpson's new single and music video 'Half Brother, Half Clouds'