Superdrone: Psych Drone trio from Southampton

Superdrone: Psych Drone trio from Southampton

Superdone is an indie rock band from Southampton, UK. Their FB page gives the following presentation:

Hailing from the south of England the 60's-80's psych drone trio formed in 2015 with the aim to space people out using a set of complex sonic waveforms. The songs are scientifically altered and structured to make you feel as though you are on some kind of groovy experimental medication giving a live experience like no other band you have ever or will ever see - ever. The band is made up of 50% of the 2003 electronica duo Lien (and more recently Dahlia FX) joined with former Superfuzz duo creating Superdrone. A new strain of alternative/drone psych that has got people talking from all the 5 corners of the universe.

Some people have stated that you cant only hear the music but you can also taste it, and it tastes like black, white and red ice cream.

You can find the story on how the band came to be on their website.

Their music work to date is:

  • One, LP, January 2017

  • Two, LP, March 2018

Some songs we like:

The lineup is:

  • Vocalist and bass player Ed Richards

  • Guitar player Tien Ren

  • Drummer Timmy G

An now without further ado, an interview from the band!

What is your music about?

A sound and a story that you can’t forget.

What are your goals as an artist artistically/commercially?

I’d like people to come to our live shows, enjoy the experience and chat with us about the tracks after. A free pint and maybe purchase some merchandise would be also be cool.

Who would you want as a dream producer, and why?

I’d like John Leckie to have a go at our stuff. He is responsible for some amazing LP’s.

What are you trying to avoid as a band?

I would hate to finish an LP track that I wasn’t happy with. We’ve done a few quick and dirty covers for promotors such as Le C in Manchester loves Bowie so we did a cover of Heroes for her but our set was short and sweet and we didn’t get a chance to play it live. May be next time.


Explain your songwriting process.

Ed comes up with a song in his head, he quickly notes the melody so he has something to work with, he’s like the Paul and I’m like the John. When we have something for Timo we setup his drums and get the beat down. Some minor adjustments and over dubs and may be change the Vox a little and then you have a Superdrone track ready for a mix.

Once we have the sound/mix we want to achieve, the rest of the LP kind of falls into place (he says when really it takes months of hard work). Some tracks get left behind as they don’t fit in the LP sound. I think we had about 20-40 tracks for LP3. The best fitting 10 or 11 got short listed.

Why do you make the music you make? Is it in you? Is it your environment?

We’ve all played in bands since our teen years. For me personally, I suppose it’s a bit habit and a bit OCD that I must produce the perfect LP that I can leave behind for future generations which sounds awful when I read back but that’s what is in my head anyway.

We’ve been getting some great preview reviews for LP3 and one in particular was from Gary Ramon from (Mind Train) Sundial who is a guitar hero of mine from when I first picked up the guitar, I mean that is cool right and that’s another reason I do this. I’ve pushed him to get his seminal LP Libertine out on tour on numerous occasions. I really want to do a gig with Sun Dial. One day he might say yes and get it together.

Describe your palette of sound.

My personal palette of sound is something floaty but with emotion and something that you can remember but sometimes the track calls for something with more balls and its on to the big pedal and rock it against the speaker. But no point doing some crazy sound that you forget as soon as you’ve heard it.

We’ve seen so many cool bands play and then walk out the door and go “hummmm what did that track go like”. My self and Ed describe this as the cool to pop balance. Too much cool and it’s cool but you can’t remember it and too much pop and it’s not cool to remember it. The Paul v John equation.

If you could guest on someone else’s album , who would it be and why? What would you play?

I’ve never even considered that I’m good enough to appear on another person or other bands stuff.

We have some great friends out there that have been nothing but a positive influence such as Nick from Verve and Gary from Sundial oh and of course the lovely, beautiful and super talented Miranda Lee Richards who has guest appeared on both LP2 and LP3. Who knows, may be all three will work with us on LP4. We had plans to go over to see Miranda for a. Few shows but it’s not worked out yet.

What musical skills would you like to acquire or get better at?

Guitar lol. Seriously talk to Ed lol.

Which other musician/artist would you date?

Oh so many! Hypothetical though right? I can imagine C. Love would be “never boring”, Bjork would be “fun to work with” but not sure about dating. Toni Halliday back in the early 90’s. Does it have to be now or can I pick a time period?

Is there a band that if they didn’t exist you wouldn’t be making the music you make?

Almost 95% would have to be Verve in 91/92. I met Richard after a Verve gig in Southampton at The Joiners Arms. I told him my band was crap. He said keep at it and you will get there and go chat with Nick.

Just a few years later and not there yet but apparently Richard has heard some of our stuff and even recommended us to a USA promotor “or so the story goes” and Nick has let a few sneaky tips slide on his early sound from Storm in Heaven. He jokes with me and calls me grasshopper. So there is the big scoop for ya Tien Ren (grasshopper).

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