SADFIELDS: Noise Pop & Altrock concentrate from Mexico

SADFIELDS: Noise Pop & Altrock concentrate from Mexico

In April 2017, I started corresponding with Jairo Manzur, Editor of Sonidos que Permanecen, of whom I later did the interview. He recommended some Noise Pop bands from Latino America. One of them was Sadfields, a band that had only one song.

I listened to it twice ... and contacted the band straight away. I found it marvellous, full of all the ingredients that can make Noise Pop great.

We decided to wait a bit to feature them, as they were working on more songs. In October 2017 they released their first album, Homesick.

In this article, born of a collaborative work between Sadfields and Noise Artists, you will discover the band and explore their music further. A unique journey await you.


WHO are the Band?


"Even before Sadfields was created, we were always us three together. Back in our highschool days, we're talking about 2013, we (Daniel, Miguel and Erick) would hang out together, mostly because there was nobody else interesting or alike us, but pretty much because everybody else kinda sucked.

The three of us wouldn't really care about what was going on with the people of the school or our classes, but rather we would be into music gear, bands, concerts and weird stuff we could get a hold on to.


One time Daniel told us to go see a band, called Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, because they were The Cure´s opening act when they played in Mexico City and he was blown away by them.

So we went to see them, and walked out the place with our heads swirling. That gig was a great shock to us. We learned the power that an intense performance can have on people's memories. We often remember that lesson."

The line-up is:

  • Daniel Espinoza - Vox/Guitar

  • Miguel Lara - Bass

  • Erick Román - Drums



WHAT is their music about?

"We don't consider our music to be about something in specific (mainly because it tends to be unfocused and open-ended).

We rather think that the listener has the final word about it. The sounds, words and music are out there to be experienced, and appropriated by whoever stumbles upon it.

We believe that art can not be explained, for as soon as you do it, it loses its purpose. So we like to leave whatever it is about to the audience.

If anything, perhaps you could say that, emotionally speaking, it might go along the lines of angst and desolation."


Musical Work

Why we like them?

  • A perfect blend of Noise Pop: Round bass with a great sound, prodigious guitar wall, rare use of the drums marrying support and flow changes, Daniel's voice, stunning melodies. And overall a huge sound. all the ingredient to make great Noise Pop.

  • A sound. It is not easy to create a recognisable sound, even less for a young band. Well they did it. A vast, well-honed sound that hits you warmly in the guts, filling you like the most delicious meal.

  • Expectation. The first song was great, the first album is too. Can not wait to ear what's next.


The comparison game

  • Ride. Listening to Sadfields gives me the same thrills than early Ride songs. Great sound. Perfect blend of all instruments. Beautiful melodies. Effects mastery.


Homesick, Album, October 2017

Sadfields Homesick.jpg

"Homesick is our very first studio material. The album by itself, at times, seemed to have a life of its own, partly because it was delayed a couple of times, but mostly because it had some kind of spirit of its own.

At the beginning of the recordings, we were at the studio and the lights went out and files were erased with no reason whatsoever, giving a glimpse of the nature of the album.

Once at a radio station when we were supposed to premiere a song, the track just wouldn't play: it seemed to have a life of its own."


1. Missing  02:36  

"This track was almost left out of the album, and was recorded at the very last. It is actually played in an alternate guitar tuning (FACFCF)"

A guitar, a reverb, no distortion. an ambient introduction to a masterful first album. Not unlike waking up after a nice afternoon nap.

2. Whenever  04:39  

"This song started as a 15 minute live jam, but was shortened for the album version. Lots violent speaker feedback play all throughout every single second of the piece."

Well, what a first noise pop number. If just sends you in the pit of the bands music with everything that makes it great: The huge sound, the great melodies, Daniel atmospheric voice, Miguel deep simple bass line, and Erick breaks and rhythm changes.

3. Falling Apart  04:32  


"This was the last song we put together before record the album. It was actually made in one day. Curiously, it was our first official single to be released. in November 2016

Curiously, it had a great reach and reception in some countries we would never even think about.

From places like Lithuania, Poland and Czech Republic, people have expressed a deep connection with the song and the feel of the band, and for that we are quite impressed and very grateful."

Not surprising. This is the song I discovered Sadfields with. First single, first "hello" to the world. I listened to it maybe twice and contacted the band straight away so enthralled was I with this. A gem of Noise Pop. Listen for yourself the first song they published:

4. I Don't Know Why  05:42  

Sadfields I don't know why.jpg

"This one could be considered our oldest song. It was hanging around in Daniel’s repertory for a few years. It is the only song to have an actual guitar solo…

It is also the second single that the band released in October 2017"






5. Out of Hand  03:55  

"This is special. There’s actually people doing drum covers of it. It has some Black Sabbath-Bill Ward rhythm roots on them. Although they should be doing bass guitar covers too."

The drum part is indeed outstanding. Not many bands have a drummer that can change the flow of a song (and does) like Erick. This is impressive as it require to ally technicality and musical sense as to how you can improve a song with drums. Quite a rare combination. My drumming musical culture is not good enough to draw parallel to other drummers. If I was taking an example for a bass player, I would draw the comparison to Steve Queralt, Ride's bass player. He is one of these musicians than can do this too with a bass.

Note that  the other 2 band members are also excellent on this and their parts fit perfectly with Erick's drumming.


6. I'm Tired (Space Echo)  09:41

"It was recorded using a 1950’s Gibson L50. At one point you can hear it stripped down and by all by itself, playing the riff the started it all.

And there’s a special surprise for whomever stays at the very end of the song."

Well, I must love sleep. I find this song absolutely amazing close my eyes from ride is one of my all time favourite. And I myself wrote and sang sleep in the sunbeam, an indie Lullaby.

Apart from this, I first listened to this song while in a plane. It started at the same time that the pilot did his push for take-off. And the mix of this sitation and this song was one of these perfect moments that happens once in a while. Close your eyes and imagine the push, the take-off and then looking at the plane window while accelerating and getting higher every second. It did not make me tired, it exhilarated me completely.

A perfect moment. A perfect song.

And at the end of the song, there is a short sequences of whirling sound, bringing you back to the sleep you awoke with the first song. The cycle is complete.


Tell us about the artists you have worked with?

"On our last tour we went to the north of the country with No Somos Marineros. It was great to hang around with a band that we consider to be one of the most important on this country's underground musical scene. That band really gets to connect with its audience, and make a show that almost feels like it´s made by both of them.

Another great national band we really admire is El Shirota. Their music is otherworldly, not to say their musical skills. We have met them since our beginnings as a band, and it's been great to be around them. We often think people just don't realize how god-awful good they are, it's a shame."


WHERE to find their work?


Their presence on the web!

"You can easily find us typing “SADFIELDS” on your favourite search engine of any kind. But, we are quite active on:"


Where to buy/listen their music?


Thanks to

"Thanks to David Lignon for the chance of this interview, his interest and patience."

And from us, a big thank you to the band for their kindness and all the work they put into this article!



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