Fawns Of Love, Dream Pop duo extaordinaire

Fawns Of Love, Dream Pop duo extaordinaire


Jenny and Joseph Andreotti are the duo, from Bakersfield California, behind Fawns Of Love. They have been performing together for 16. Noise Artists talk to them about their take on dreampop. Thanks a lot for both of them for the great interview they took the time to do.


The music work to date is:

  • Miranda / Girls, EP, July 2016

  • Silly boy, Single, January 2017

  • That's What We Do, Single, February 2017

  • Who Cares About Tomorrow, Album, March 2017

  • Falling/Standing, EP, July 2017

  • Zine days, EP, March 2018

  • Part Time Punks Sessions plus Rocket Science, Album, August 2018

  • Someday, Single, October 2018

  • Mournful Eyes, Single, November 2018

  • December, Single, December 2018

  • Permanent, Album, January 2019


What is your music about?

Jenny: Lyrically it is a reflection of whatever I am feeling in a particular moment, and on my part an attempt to express those feelings in as few words as possible.

Tell us about the artists you have worked with

Joseph: We work with Josiah Mazzaschi (Light FM, Motorhome, Bizou) at The Cave Studio in Los Angeles, California. He did an amazing job helping us record vocals, mix, and mastering our new LP.

What are your goals as an artist artistically/commercially?

Joseph: To create music that is not compromised.

Who would you want as a dream producer, and why?

Jenny: I’d like to be cool and say Brian Eno, but in all reality if that actually happened I’d be so intimidated that I’d probably ask to go home before he even pressed record.

What are you trying to avoid as a band?

Jenny: Anything forced or contrived. By the time you reach your late thirties you learn to just be yourself, because otherwise people just aren’t interested in buying what your selling.

Explain your song writing process.

Joseph: I begin writing songs by creating a sequence on our Korg MS-20, then I program the percussion using some vintage drum machines, and then I add guitar leads. Jenny then listens to the instrumental tracks that I create to create her own vocal melodies using her lyrics. I record all of the instrumental tracks myself and then Jenny records her vocals with Josiah Mazzaschi at the Cave Studio.

In 2019 there is no new or old music to a 17-year-old with Internet access. Discuss.

Jenny: Good for them! I start kicking and screaming if someone tries to introduce me to anything new. Then again, I have had the same haircut for almost twenty years.

Why do you make the music you make?

Joseph: There are many factors. Influences (New Order, Cocteau Twins, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, The Smiths, Emerald Web, 4ad, Creation, etc.), the instruments we own, life, etc.

Describe your palette of sound.

Jenny: My YouTube mix is filled with everything from The Chills, to Erasure, to Pet Shop Boys, to Divine, to Kylie Minogue, to Simon & Garfunkel, to The Ramones, to Les Rita Mitsouko, to ABBA, to Sylvie Vartan, to Tom Verlaine.

Which of your albums are you the most proud of? Why?

Joseph: I am most proud of our new LP Permanent. It is the first Fawns of Love LP on 12” vinyl, the amazing Test Pattern Records is releasing it, John Conley created beautiful cover art, Darla Records is distributing it, and it sounds exactly how we have always wanted a record to sound like.

As a touring band, what do you find the hardest? The best?

Joseph: The hardest part of touring for us is relying on vintage equipment to perform our music live using a vintage 1970s reel-to-reel to play our sequences and drum patterns. The best part of touring is getting to meet our fans, other bands, promoters, venues, and being able to make permanent connections and friendships along the way.

Find Fawns Of Love here:

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