【plant cell】-  Cyan EP

【plant cell】- Cyan EP

plant cell】has released an EP in CD format, Cyan. If you have not done already, you can read our collaboration to present their MUSIC, the BAND (including an interview both in English and in Japanese).

Cyan includes remade versions of some of the band's existing songs (Marguerite, Cyan...) and some new material (Wheatfield, Muling river ...)

The remade versions include new features, new approaches. When familiar with their music, you can feel the maturation, the evolution of the sound. Trying different angles, arrangements, textures, the new version of existing songs bring something new.

For now, the EP is in CD format only. As soon as the streaming version is put online, we will include the links (both new and previous version when relevant).




Cyan is the title giving the EP its name. It was part of the Album Flowergaze? 

Cyan a greenish-blue colour, like the beautiful lagoon in the image above.

This version has an Off-kilter bass. This adds to the song that is a 2 chords loop that is Stereolab-like in its composition.









This is a new version of the LP song. Masaki does most of the vocals on this version, Eriko being now more in the background. Masaki's voice fits really well in this song. We hope this prefigure future great harmonies between his voice and Eriko's.


The bass has been changed as well trying to give a more innocent and carefree, like running in the fields..

"Marguerite is the French name for a common, simple and beautiful flower: the Daisy. This is a sweet song. The clear arpeggio guitar gives it a lightness, like the wind going through a field of marguerites on a sunny day. The double beats verse that is included, the multilayered vocals texture, the synth reverberated pads all add to this feeling of a multitude and welcome to this field of thousands of beautiful marguerites"


Landscape of Green


The change of feeling on this song is amazing. The band added on the first beat of each measure a distorted ominous guitar, giving the song a more sombre turn.

Leila's voice is replaced by Masaki's soft words, which mitigates the ominous tone of the guitar. The chords of the guitar on the chorus are not so ominous and complement nicely the rest.

It is more a lakeside a day of wind and storm, that is emphasised by the drum breaks that are more present and use the crash

When Eriko join in Unison Masaki, this is so peaceful. And at the end "and voice in harmony rather than in Unison beautiful and crash

Plant cell succeeded in transforming this song into a less ominous and calmer song.


Wheat field


A new song that existed previously in streaming.

This is an instrumental. This is joyful and uplifting song. You get the image of the wheat fields, not by a calm day, sitting near them reading a book, but rather cycling through them on a sunny and wind y day. The nature envelops you, sucks you in in an energy pool rather than letting you drift.

The airy keyboard is a reminder of the benevolence of the nature around you, almost like a faerie chant.

We can imagine a powerful song added, almost Divine Comedy-like to complement, like the singing of a druid praising Gaia's favours


Mulling river


A new song that existed previously in streaming.

This a great instrumental. One of my favourite of the band. You get power, melodies and great texture. All instruments

The chorus in completely uplifting. You feel the power of the water, its strength, both life giving and dangerous.







Snow and Luculia (Final Version)


The beginning with the chimes really enhance the song and add the dimension of the multitude of flowers that Luculia are (like thousands of little bells)

This would the perfect soundtrack of a walk into a flowery field, happy, quirky ,...

The rework of the voice also, much calmer and "pose" works so well.

"Snow and Luculia (which is a genus of flowering plants currently found from the Himalayas to southern China) could be their anthem song. Very positive, it makes you want to tap your feet."



plant cell】produced an other great opus. The rework show how the band is evolving and it brings some songs to an other level. As the other songs, that were only on SoundCloud, they I love them. It is an EP we recommend for both newcomers to the band and connoisseurs.











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