Tom Lugo, Serenity in sound

Tom Lugo, Serenity in sound

I've seen Tom Lugo around, so I thought I would have a look at who he is. Usually, you find people are in a band and that's about it, a few photos with their family maybe.

When I saw that Tom was a musician AND had a label AND another band AND another band AND he's a black belt in martial arts AND another band etc... I began to take notice.

What I found is a polite, considerate, helpful man with an appetite for art. Let me introduce you to Tom Lugo.


WHAT is your music about?

"First, I want to thank you for the opportunity. My music has always been a representation of my feelings and emotions. Writing music is therapeutic for me; it has the power to console and the power to heal.
Endlessly explores the blossoming of a new relationships and the lament of others lost along the way; the balance between darkness and light that lives inside of all of us."


What are your goals as a band, artist, record label owner, artistically / commercially?

"My objective has always been to reach a broader audience but that has be challenging with so many bands and artists constantly producing and releasing new music. Nowadays, I am content with releasing my music and not having any expectations. If I have no expectations then I won’t be disappointed if things don’t go as planned.
As label owner my objective has been to have the label serve as a catapult for artists from around the world that normally wouldn’t get the exposure they deserve because of their geographical locations. In the past couple of years I have focused the label towards releasing benefit compilations that benefit victims of natural disaster around the world. "

What would you consider your strength/weakness musically?

"My strengths lie in being able to create songs rapidly from simple ideas and concepts. My weakness is in vocal melodies, I struggle sometimes with that part of the creative process. Plus, I don’t consider myself a good singer."
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You are into martial arts, how does it affect your music?
Martial Arts have taught me to strive to be the best I can be, how to center myself to find balance, to be a good citizen, to help others, and to master as many art forms as possible.

You make music, have a label, a job, do martial arts, its very time-consuming. Why are you so busy?

"Some people stay busy so as not to be alone with their thoughts, some do it out of boredom, some do it because they like being productive.
We are here on this planet for a short amount of time, I want to accomplish as many things as I can before I die. Life is too short, we must pursue our dreams and leave our mark on the world. Not through the accumulation of material things but through the experiences lived and the bonds formed with the people that you meet along the way."

You can find Tom musical work here:

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